Tirupati Trip from Hyderabad | Tour Packages | Best Tourism
Tirupati Trip from Hyderabad | Tour Packages | Best Tourism

This trip is one of my most memorable trips which I enjoyed a lot with my family of 3 people. The trip is from Tirupati from Hyderabad by Airlines. I want to share my views on this trip.

The journey started at Hyderabad

Here I explained about the tour how we started from Hyderabad at 4 am and back by 11:30 pm to Hyderabad and in between a visit to Tirumala and other temples.

Reaching Tirupati (Airport)

We started around 4 am by booking Uber cab to the airport from the residency and reach RGI (airport) Shamshabad around 5 am. A one hour journey from the city anywhere, checked in through the counter of Indigo Airlines, Boarded the plane at 5:30, it took off to air around 6:25 am to Renigunta Airport which is 20KM away to Tirupati and 36 km to Tirumala, we deboarded 20min earlier to the scheduled time at 7:25, all the baggage process  and ended up in another 20 min of time as it is a low rushed airport.
Prior to the journey, I have booked a local taxi that is Sweden car for the package of one whole day which includes the trip from the airport to

·        Tirumala(Lord Balaji Darshan)

·        KapilaTheertham

·        Srinivasa Mangapuram(Alamelu Amma temple):

·        Chandragiri Fort

·        Padmavati Temple(Tiruchanoor)

Reaching Alipiri to Tirumala

As we booked the Taxi Mr.Hari came to pick up as, later went to Manasa hotel which is in Biss circle to have our Breakfast, around 8:10 started to climb up the Seven Hills (Towards Tirumala) before security check in at Alipiri very mandatory one and the journey from Alipiri to Tirumala is 28min minimum time fixed by TTD Board, reached Tirumala Around 9:10

Lord Balaji Darshan

After reaching Tirumala we find the changing room Mr.Hari helped us and we changed our cloths to traditional wear instructed by TTD Board which is shirt and dhoti, pajama to men, sari, Panjabi dress to Women is mandatory without that you are not allowed to enter in to darshan queue, we have booked special entry Darshan tickets which cost 300Rs to each person  prior 20 days of our journey, time slot is given at 10 am no prior entry is allowed, we entered in to queue around 10:10 am then tickets are verified with face photos by displayed boards at security check, later allowed to Vaikuntam queue Complex 1 where it full of people chanting GOVINDA GOVINDA, queue started moving very slowly some have it took around 1:30 Hours  to reach main temple(Garba Gudi) where lord Balaji is located, Darshan of lord Balaji ended by seeing the statue of him we were not allowed more than 2 to 3min inside the temple it’s quite common, after that come out, seen Vimana Venkateswara swamy Located on top of the Temple, Parakamani by seeing through glasses where people count the offerings submitted to God by devotees, came out by taking  Sakkarai Pongal as a prasadam. It all took us around 2.5Hours


As we have booked 300 Special entry Darshanam we got 2 Laddus with free of cost for each person, extra each laddu will be charged 25Rs and max 4 laddus is issued, a separate laddu complex is located at the back of the temple took 25min to complete all the process, reached Taxi around 1 pm and headed to KapilaTheertham in between the journey you will find Anjaneya statue and Deer Park don’t miss to enjoy the views of it, took almost 1:10 hours to reach Hotel Pie Viceroy, had our lunch around 2:20 pm

Kapila Theertham

It is just a 10min journey from the Hotel Pie ViceRoy, after lunch the first place to visit is it, Lord Shiva temple is located below the foothills of Balaji, the view of waterfalls from the hills is awesome and it took 30 min to complete the visit.

Srinivasa Mangapuram (Alamelu Amma temple)

Around 3:30 pm we have reached Srinivasa Mangapuram where Alivelu Ammavari temple is located, who is one of the wife’s of Lord Balaji, it took us 20min to have Darshanam and visited the temple reached taxi at 4 pm headed to Fort.

Chandragiri Fort

Around 4 pm we started towards Chandragiri managed to reach the fort around 4:15, entry in the fort by taking tickets each 10rs, there you can find the glory of Vijayanagara Samrajyam, it has a museum with collections of the Sri Krishnadevaraya and his Dynasty  bonds currency weapons, at last, it’s like a large pond which had a boating but did not take it completed all the sightseeing by 5:45 pm, headed towards Padmavathi temple

Padmavathi temple (Tiruchanoor)

We reached the temple of Padmavathi Amma Varu located at Tiruchanoor  at 6:15 pm taken the special entry tickets to cost 100rs each and had the Darshanam and blessings of Amma Varu who is second wife’s of Lord Balaji and completed in 25min, headed towards the Renigunta Airport at 6:45 pm

Back to Hyderabad

Reached Renigunta Airport by 7:15pm Mr.Hari gave us send off, we have again packed all our bags, checked in through the Indo airlines at 7:35pm and flight took off at 8:55pm reached Hyderabad at 10pm, booked Uber to home and ended the Tirumala Tirupati trip by 11:30pm in the night, managed to complete most of the places in one day.

Tirupati Total Trip Cost ( Per Head)

Flight tickets: Rs 5000
Taxi(Tirupati Package) : Rs 625 (all the packages in Tirupati)
Uber Cab(Hyderabad): RS 365
Darshanam Tickets: Rs 500 (all the temples and fort)
Food: Rs 500 (including breakfast, lunch, and snacks in the evening)
Other expenses: 500
Total price per each person: Rs 7500(person)


  • Flight tickets price may vary subject to availability, but mostly 20days prior   booking will not cost you more than 5000Rs for to and fro
  • Darshan tickets for special tickets to be taken on the official TTD site only    and subjected to availability

That’s it for now stay tuned will post the next journey trip as soon as possible…………………………………………


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