Places to See Near Gokarna

Are you someone who loves mountains as much as you love beaches? Or do you find the Himalayas just too cold to handle while trekking? Fret not! Here is the ultimate destination where you can climb a hill and dive into the sea. Gokarna, a paradise in itself, provides you a chance to experience the best of both worlds. A small beach town, in Karnataka, on the coast of Arabian sea; Gokarna gets the attention of those who love a wilderness surrounding. With more tourists and backpackers flocking there every year, Gokarna paints some of the best sunsets in India. Roads? What roads? We HIKE from one beach to another, cutting across beautiful forests densely covered with coconut trees. Hiking through rocky and forest trails, Gokarna is one of the best places to start trekking at. Not only famous for its beaches and trails, Gokarna is also an important pilgrim and historical site. We hop through some of the most renowned beaches of the town making memories that neither an ordinary hike or an ordinary beach can provide. The experience is completely different and incomparable.
So, what are you waiting for? Tour Plan is below 

From Hyderabad  Overnight journey to Gokarna

  • We start our trip by driving from Hyderabad  at 6:30 P.M.
  • Drive through the breath-taking highway of Southern India.
  • The 650  km distance takes about 14 hours to complete.

GoKarna Beach Trekking

  • Next day, new adventures! We reach Gokarna early in the morning and check into our resort.
  • Not wasting any time, we rush out to explore some of the best off-beat beaches of Gokarna.
  • Starting from one beach, hiking to another is just a different experience in itself.
  • We first bounce from Gokarna beach to Belakan beach. Want to try surfing?! Gorkana is a surf beach offering good waves for one to surf on. Known as one of the remotest beaches of Gokarna, you can spot dolphins in the waters of Belakan beach!
  • From Belakan, we trek through the forest to reach the Paradise beach. Paradise beach is famous for being secluded, serene and for its calmness. Paradise beach is almost covered with rocks which makes some of the picturesque spots for photography on this land. It does not stop here!
  • Post Paradise beach, we take a beautiful trail to reach the Half Moon beach. Fun fact: The half-moon beach is only accessible via hiking and is commonly known as traveller’s paradise. It is named after its shape, which resembles the half crescent shape of the moon. Half Moon Beach provides an experience of pleasant activities like swimming, kayaking, paddleboats, camping and trekking. Covered with lush green and thick jungles, this beach gives an ecstatic view.
  • From this paradise to another, we hike to the Om beach. Again, named after its shape, the Om beach is shaped as the letter “om”. The beach is dotted with hippie style cafes and is known for its sunsets. We enjoy a delicious meal by the beach and head back to our resort.
  • Before dozing off, we also enjoy a music session with a bonfire!

GoKarna Exploration – Mahabaleshwar Temple, Mirjan Fort & Vibhuti Waterfall – Overnight journey from GoKarna to Bangalore

  • The second day, we wake up to a beautiful sunrise.
  • Post breakfast we start our day by visiting the Mahabaleshwar temple.
  • One of the most visited temples of the Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka, the temple was built in 4th century, making it an important pilgrim site. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is completely taken over by the devotees during Maha Shivratri.
  • After channelising our souls with peace and tranquility in the temple, we leave for the Mirjan fort. The Mirjan fort has a rich history of glory and survival. Built during the 15th-16th centuries by Queen Chennabharadevi, who was known as the pepper queen of India, the fort has survived the past battles and British colonialism.
  • Hopping from one location to another, we reach the Vibhuti waterfall. Surrounded by lush green forests, Vibhuti waterfall is a hidden gem, healing our minds with its gushing sounds.
  • After completing our explorations of the day, we leave for Bangalore and bid goodbye to this beautiful coastal town.

Reach back home with amazing trip memories

  • The next morning we reach Hyderabad via the same scenic route.
  • You reach home with a backpack full of amazing memories, stories and experiences. You will have an energetic tales to speak about and mind-blowing views to brag about!

Things to Carry

  • Small backpack to carry your essentials during the trek, we recommend to keep your luggage light for a weekend trip.
  • Water bottle. Please bring a water bottle along to reduce plastic wastage.
  • Lunch Box & Spoon to carry your packed lunch during the trek.
  • Raincoat/Bag covers in case of rains.
  • Flip-flops for an evening walk at beach.
  • Torch to keep the darkness away.
  • Portable chargers and Bluetooth speakers for some party time.
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Poly bags to pack your wet clothes
  • Keep enough cash during the trip for personal expenses like shopping and extra meals.

Bye bye for now will see you with other new trip yours satish eddala 


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