Trip to Bogatha Waterfalls


Bogatha waterfalls are one of my amazing trips, which I enjoyed a lot with my friends and family. The time which I spent on this trip was eventful. Especially in the Monsoon season, it is delightful to see the waterfalls. Few words that I want to share my happiness during this trip.

Journey from city (Hyderabad)

We started our journey from city by 4:00 am. Where we booked a Zoom car for one day. Time taken to reach the outer ring road is a maximum of 45 min that is 4:45 am. Then we reached Warangal at 7:45 am. In Warangal, we have done our breakfast. The taste of the tiffins is a really great manner which we didn’t expect. Again we have started our journey from Warangal at 8:30 am.

The Path from Warangal to Bogatha is awesome. Where the climate is cool with greenier fields around us.

Bogatha Waterfalls

We reached Bogatha at 10:50 am. We had to get down from the car. Where the parking place is different from waterfalls that is 1km. Through walking, we have reached our destination by 11:25 am. There is no entry ticket to this waterfall. Bogata is one of the largest waterfalls in the Telangana state. By seeing the waterfalls at huge levels, words can’t describe how wonderful the place is. The journey which we travelled from long distances with tiredness will move on with happiness by seeing these waterfalls. We people started playing, swimming in water.

In water, we had spent 2 hrs 30 mins. There we clicked some photos. By seeing photos we can recognize our thoughts and feelings. Which is a lifetime memory? Really it is a great experience to spend time in these waterfalls.

The journey started from Bogatha at 2:00 pm in a car. All of us are hungry at that time. There are no restaurants nearby. We well planned. So we brought our ingredients for safety to cooking. So, we have chosen a place to eat at the Banyan tree. Which occupies more shade to eat. My mother prepared a Chicken curry and fried rice in 30 mins. There we have done our lunch and get into the car at 3:00 pm.

Journey to Laknavaram

We started our journey from Bogata to Laknavaram. Where it takes 1hr 30 mins that is 4:30 pm. We reached to Laknavaram. This is also one of the significant places in Telangana. We have only 1 hr to visit the place. The cost of the entry ticket is also less compared to other places.

Laknavaram is a hiring bridge. Where a huge quantity of water is present at that time. There we have done boating. It is an unforgettable memory with family and friends. Ride completed and time is also close to the lake.

Journey to Hyderabad

Back to the journey, we have started from laknavaram at 5:45 pm to Hyderabad.

After visiting the two most important places in Telangana. We reached Warangal by 1hr 45mins that is 7:15 pm. There we took a cup of tea and snacks for relaxation. Again started a journey from Warangal by 7:35 pm. All were enjoying in the car with trips done in the day. They started playing Dumb Charades with 2 groups divided. The game is guessing the name.

Likewise, we entered into the city by 10:00 pm with less traffic we reached early. There we went to one of the most famous restaurants in Hyderabad that is Paradise. There we have done dinner and started at 11:00 pm from the restaurant. We reached home at 11:40 pm in the city.

 At last, this is my long-lasting memory. Which I spent after many days in my life.


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